Platform Development

Scalegate x Stress Free Corner

Stress Free Corner is an online resource to facilitate the provision of psychological and therapeutic support, accessible to all, at any time and with a holistic approach, hence contributing to physical and mental well-being.


Digital Transformation Services

Scalegate worked with the Stress Free Corner team to develop an all-in-one platform identify the stress points and create mechanisms for managing overall stress.

Some of the major features are:

  • Individual Stress Tress to measure the stress level by asking series of questions about common stressors.
  • Session Management System to support the booking, scheduling, and payment of body-oriented psychotherapy and counseling psychology.
  • Video Conference Integration to facilitate the provision of online psychological and therapeutic support and organization of webinars.
  • Audio & Video Management tool to create and monetize podcast and video tutorials.
  • E-commerce Integration to manage the process of online selling stress relief products.


Stress Free Corner

Project Timeline

September 2019 – May 2021



Prishtina, Kosovo.